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Kiyomi Leslie Claims Bow Wow Is Clout Chasing Off Her Name Following His Interview About Domestic Battery Charge

Kiyomi Leslie apparently wasn’t too pleased with Bow Wow‘s recent interview on the “The Quicksilva Show” where he addressed their domestic battery charges, and she’s already responded.

Both Bow Wow and Leslie were arrested last month after having a physical confrontation in their Atlanta apartment. Afterward, the rapper was seen with multiple scratches on his face, but there was also footage that showed him angrily approaching Leslie inside an elevator.

Kiyomi Leslie blasted Bow Wow for claiming to be the victim in the physical altercation they had. (Photo: Getty Images, Prince Williams)

During the rapper’s interview on Wednesday, he talked about receiving a lot of support from men after the photos of his injuries surfaced. He also said people gave him credit for not retaliating against Leslie for the scratches, and if she had those same injuries the media would’ve made a much bigger deal of it.

Nick Young had posted something, like, if roles were reversed because it’s a man that’s scratched up, the news kind of died two days after,” said Bow Wow about the NBA Player. Young’s post read, “If the roles were reversed, Nick Young was like ‘We’ll still be on Bow Wow.'”

Leslie responded to the interview on the same day and accused the former “106 & Park” host of lying. She also blasted all those who believed him.

“Bow Wow went on a whole radio show and lied dead in the people face,” she wrote. “And the people who believe him should enter the circus with his clown ass! Keep tryna promote that show off my name as your storyline…#narcissistic Been a whole month and people still playing the victim. You sound as silly as you look. Let go and move on bro. Tired of folks playing.”

She also said his inner circle knows what really happened on the night of the fight and claimed Bow Wow as well as the people behind his show “Growing Up Hip-Hip: Atlanta” are thirsty for attention. The Instagram model also used a line from Offset and Cardi B‘s song “Clout” to make her point.

“You and everybody around you know wassup,” she wrote. “Act like you don’t now! Lemme give y’all something for the show since you desperate you done really wanna leave it alone? You really wanna be on mute? Ok Soon as people got something to sell they say my name say my name Destiny’s Child.”

After Bow Wow’s interview, a lot of people blasted him for claiming to be a victim, which they did more of when Leslie responded.

“He’s dragging a situation he caused. Cancel him just like you cancel the rest of these abusive men,” someone commented.

But others said Bow Wow can’t be clout chasing since he’s way more famous than his ex. Others told Leslie that she should’ve stayed away from him longtime ago.

“Don’t blame a clown for acting like a clown ask yourself why you keep going to the circus,” one person wrote.

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