Lil’ Mo Strongly Hints Her Marriage to Boxer Karl Dargan Is About To Be Counted Out

Rumors of infidelity and getting caught video calling another woman are just some of the reasons why Lil’ Mo has been frustrated with her boxer husband Karl Dargan.

On Tuesday, the singer, radio host and reality star posted a photo of herself, her son Justin, as well as Dargan and implied that her marriage is ruined.

Lil’ Mo, her son Justin McKenzie Phillip, and her boxer husband Karl Dargan. Lil’ Mo’s recent posts suggest her marriage to Dargan is on the rocks. (Photo: @thelilmoshow Instagram)

“the enemy destroyed what was sooooo LIT. but i’m not gonna blast or expose you,” she wrote. “my children and i have been through enough. YOU OWE US EVERYTHING!! @dynamitetko no cap 🔌”

Mo also wrote a similar message on Twitter.

“This hurts soooo bad,” she wrote on Tuesday. “But this the last L I’m taking for the team. (my 5 that keeps me alive). love y’all.”

Mo and Dargan are currently one of the couples on “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition,” and on one episode Dargan was seen talking to another woman while his wife was preparing for bed.

“Tell me you love me,” he told the mystery woman. “I love you,” she replied.

Mo blasted her husband on Twitter afterward, and people on social media criticized her for not leaving him. She also talked about her frustrations with Dargan during “Marriage Boot Camp” on more than one occasion.

“If he don’t lie [any] more, then we’re cool,” she said in one episode. “This [is] the only issue we have, nothing else. I don’t like liars.”

And in another episode, Dargan explained why it may be hard for him to live a monogamous lifestyle.

“I used to be out here dealing with multiple women at times. Five or six women,” he stated. “Basically, I was a thot. I had no intentions on getting married. I had no intentions on even being with one woman.”

Mo disabled the comments on her post about the enemy destroying her family, but people still weighed in on the tweet she sent.

“Sh-t she was already hurt 5 times before this. So i see why she tried to put up the good fight. Not with the wrong one though,” someone wrote on Wednesday.

“Keep your head up and love them babies,” another tweeted the same day.

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