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Social Media Slams Lil Mo for Taking Husband Karl Dargan Back After Seemingly Cheating on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

R&B artist Lil Mo is receiving an earful from fans for staying with her husband, boxer Karl Dargan, after he was spotted on national television caking with another woman.

The couple currently star on “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” and are in the midst of repairing their relationship. Mo expressed on the show that she has trouble trusting her husband due to prior situations with infidelity. However, Dargan did everything but prove his wife wrong when he was spotted talking to another woman on FaceTime while his wife was in another room.

Lil Mo

Lil Mo and Karl Dargan. (Photo: @lilmo/Instagram)

Mo was getting ready for bed when Dargan went into the kitchen to grab some cereal and received a phone call from a mysterious woman who was clearly not his wife. The “MBC” house which is planted with 27 cameras, picks up on the boxer’s late night conversation with the woman and in the midst of it, he tells her, “Tell me you love me.” The woman replied back, “I love you.”

After the episode aired on Feb. 7, Lil Mo took to Twitter and released a stream of irate messages.

Lil Mo

@lilmo twitter

“Almost done and this nigga do some CAP S–T,” the singer wrote. “Now I’m mad all over again. I should kick him in his fu–in neck yo. Dirty a– whores.”

When a fan tweeted her about the scene, she mentioned that the video of Dargan’s FaceTime call was the reason she had trust issues. She also told followers, “I would never disrespect nobody on TV like that especially when I’m tryna fix it. I wouldn’t do nothing sneaky like that. EVER.”

Dargan who appeared defensive after the airing of the episode, responded back to his wife’s tirade by insinuating that she needs to leave him.

“If u really feel that way, it’s only one thing to do…. RT @THELILMOSHOW.”

Lil Mo


The next day on Feb. 8, the “Superwoman” singer posted a photo of her and her husband hugged up. She wrote in her Instagram caption, “#thedargans. … me and my best friend @dynamitetko MY 🍯👑.” Fans expressed disappointment to see her still with Dargan after he was seemingly caught cheating on television.

“Sooo you stayed with him after what he did on marriage boot camp 🤡?” one fan asked in disappointment.

“This is a joke. Fr. If you knew bttr you’d do bttr!” another fan exclaimed. “Damn you have low self esteem smh,” another added.

“Yo I’m so mad after watching last nights episode I’m disgusted y u stayed with him Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ u dumb just like the rest of them,” a third added.

In 2016, Mo’s husband was accused of getting another woman pregnant. Several tweets and direct messages went viral indicating that Dargan cheated. However, Lil Mo stayed by her husband’s side on social media and tweeted, “No weapon… I love you @dynamiteko.”

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