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Wendy Williams Drops N-Bomb on Her Show After Being Horrified at Video Spectacle of YBN Almighty Jay’s Manhattan Brawl Near Where She’d Shopped

Wendy Williams commented on the rapper YBN Almighty Jay getting into a street fight on Friday, March 8, in New York City, and she said the n-word in front of cameras as well as the studio audience.

There were several clips that showed the fight over the weekend, which was in the middle of a crowded Manhattan street, and the actual location is what seemed to bother Williams.

Wendy Williams caused a huge stir on social media by saying the n-word during her show. (Photo: @wendyshow Instagram)

“I just left 5th Avenue shopping. It’s unbelievable. You n—-s,” she stated.

The 54-year-old then stopped herself and excused herself for using the the word.

“I get very comfortable talking to you,” she expressed.

Afterward, the talk show host set off a social media debate about whether she said the n-word with the “er” at the end or ended it with “gga.” There were also some people who were convinced that she said the word “Negroes.”

“That wig really has possessed her and is speaking through her,” someone wrote. “That hard “Er” was aggressive.”

“I think she said negros ,” wrote another.

“I heard a Er tho ,” a third person commented.

As for Almighty Jay, a photo that surfaced after the fight showed him with huge gashes in his face, because at one point he got separated from his crew and was beaten as well as robbed. One report said he needed 300 stitches to close his facial wounds.

Besides acknowledging on her show she’d used the n-word, Williams hasn’t mentioned anything else about it, and she hasn’t cleared up the confusion on how she actually said it.

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