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Lil Duval Showers Friend with Money and Gifts After He Gets Out of Prison, and Folks Love It: ‘I Just Cried’

Lil Duval brought one of his best friends a new car after he got out of prison, and it was all captured on video.

The clip starts with comedian Jayski appearing to congratulate him on his song “Smile (Living My Best Life),” and he notices the vehicle parked next to him, which Duval says is his. It’s unclear what Jayski was locked up for and what his actual charges are. He and Duval have been friends for years, however.

“That’s very fresh. That’s my style right there,” says Jayski.

“That is your style,” Duval says back, and then he hands him the keys.

But some noticed the clip is almost identical to a scene in the 2002 film “Paid in Full” when Wood Harris‘ character Ace gives Mekhi Phifer‘s character Mitch a brand new convertible after he gets out of prison. Duval also captioned the  video”#mitchandaceofthegame.”

“And that’s looking very fresh,” said Phifer in the film “That’s my style right there.”

“Hold on to that, man,” Harris says back, giving him the keys. “It is your style.”

But even though Duval acted out the “Paid In Full” scene, his good deed wasn’t discounted, and people praised him for it.

“Awh I just cried 😩😩😩 that’s so dope!!” one person commented.

“Love this!! U a real one!!” someone else wrote.

The “Grow House” actor also posted more photos and clips of Jayski after he got out of prison, and one shows him trying on cologne at a store.

There’s also a picture that shows Jayski sitting with Duval and counting a wad of cash. In that post, the comedian says how good of a friend he is.

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