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Tiny Harris Stunts in Latest Pictures as Fans Swear It’s a Throwback: ‘You Look Like a Teenager

R&B singer Tiny Harris is apparently looking younger than ever, and fans are definitely taking notice.

The member of popular ’90s girl group Xscape uploaded a few images of herself on Instagram Sunday evening while on an apparent visit to the Los Angeles area and was mistaken for a teenager. She posed for the pics in front of a tree on a street in Glendale, California, in her black and multi-colored Fashion Nova tracksuit. She accessorized her look with black and green sneakers and large bamboo earrings.

Tiny Harris

Tiny Harris. (@majorgirl/Instagram)

Harris also opted for a natural makeup look and hairstyle, combining it all for a youthful appearance. She captioned her photos, “Crazy•Sexy•Cool @fashionnova way 👑.

Fans of the “Do You Know” singer were blown away by how young she looked and confused her images for throwback photos of her teen years.

Tiny Harris

Tiny Harris. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

“😳 Lookin like the younger u #xscapedays!” one fan commented underneath Harris picture. “Tiny 😍 you look like a teenager in this photo you’re so pretty @majorgirl.”

“If this is a current pic 😳 #benjaminbutton,” another person added. “@majorgirl out here looking 20, you better slay ✨.”

“Look at Tiny bihhh, looking like she was just born!!!!” someone else wrote. “Aging backwards and giving me 90s Xscape vibes.”

Although fans are gawking over Harris’ youthful appearance here, there has been some  criticism from others who’ve slammed her for having surgery. In 2014, talk show host Wendy Williams probed the star about her alleged fake butt.

“It’s a lil bought,” Harris, 43, replied to Williams during the segment. “And my boobs’ are bought. I’ve always had a lot of boobs. You know, after three babies, they sag.”

The most shocking of Harris’ plastic surgery procedures are her eye implants. She had her eye color changed from brown to ice gray in 2014. She reportedly traveled to the North African nation of Tunisia to undergo the eye implant surgery due to it being an illegal operation in the United States.

The star’s cosmetic surgery decision drew backlash from social media users who accused her of self-hate. She told ABC News in 2014 that she had every “right” to make the change to her body.

“I just wanted to do something different,” Harris said. “And I have the right to do that. It’s my body.”

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