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Sisters? Moms of Porsha Williams and Fiancé Dennis McKinley Have Fans Questioning If They’re Related

Pregnant Porsha Williams was certainly the star of her baby shower over the weekend, but her mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law caught fans’ attention for a unique reason.

As “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s family and pals partied away in celebration of the arrival of her daughter, her fiancé Dennis McKinley obtained a selfie of their two moms.

“The #Mommas ❤️❤️ #BabyPj #MeetTheMcKinleys,” the Atlanta-based entrepreneur captioned the photo.

porsha williams

(From left) Porsha Williams’ mother, Diane, and her fiancé Dennis McKinley’s mother at the “RHOA” star’s baby shower. (Photo: @workwincelebrate/Instagram)

After uploading the photo of Miss Diane Williams and his mom, Gina, onto the social media site March 6, several of his followers remarked about how the women look like siblings.

“They look like sisters already 🙌🏽 it was so meant to be!”

“They look like sisters.”

“They look alike are they sisters.”

It’s a good thing the moms are bonding, as their respective kids have long started bonding with their future in-laws.

In July, the Williams women sat down to video call McKinley in Miss Diane’s apparent first meeting of The Hot Dog Factory owner.

“🔥My bestie & I FaceTiming my ❤ #DM #Family1st #DecaturGirls,” Porsha captioned the photo of the gussied up mother-daughter duo chatting with McKinley.

It appeared to be the same day that Porsha gushed to her mom about how well McKinley treats her.

“He’s gon’ put my face on his back,” Porsha said to Diane of her man’s plans to tattoo her mug on his body. “He ain’t goin’ nowhere. He said, ‘You’re the first person that’s brought this type of happiness and joy in my life.’ It’s like a freakin’ dream. He said, ‘I can’t make dinner, I order freshly prepared meals.’. … I looked in that refrigerator I was like, ‘Meatloaf?!'”

Diane became emotional when reflecting on how happy her daughter was with her new man.

“Porsha, I’m just so happy for you,” she said tearfully.

As Porsha got closer to McKinley, she got to meet his mom, Gina, too. They even bonded over serving up hot dogs at McKinley’s restaurant after an uncomfortable dinner discussion about getting a prenup.

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