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Meek Mill, Other Celeb Panelists Agree: Family Is Owed Nothing After Their Successes

Meek Mill was one of the guest on the most recent episode of LeBron James‘ HBO series “The Shop,” and one of the questions that came up was if he and the other people in the room feel like they owe money to family and friends because they’re successful.

The others who were in the episode included NBA star Anthony Davis, 2 Chainz, Jerrod Carmichael, Jamie Foxx and NFL player Antonio Brown.

Meek Mill says he doesn’t owe money to his family and friends because of success. (Photo: Getty Images/Johnny Louis

“I don’t owe nobody sh-t,” said Mill. “Who you gonna please? I tell people if you give your cousin $10,000 what you going to give your aunt? You going to give your aunt $20,000 because she babysitting? And then what you gonna give your grandma? It’s never gonna stop.”

2 Chainz then weighed in.

“Sometimes I don’t even enjoy my day, bro’, because of me just feeling like I’m so responsible for everybody. I’m talking about uncles, aunts,” he explained.

Carmichael joined the discussion after that and said a lot of family members who encouraged him on his way up now expect something in return, which he feels is wrong.

“Like my aunt hit me and said ‘Remember that condo in Florida you was talking about?’ I needed your couch,” he said. “All you said was keep working hard. That’s not worth a f–king $250,000 condo. I owe you a Lexus now? What did that cost you? It ain’t cost you sh– to believe in me.”

Meanwhile, Mill is also getting attention for what he said in a new song that’ll be on the upcoming “Dreamchasers” project because many thought he was talking about his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj due to the fact that they split in 2017. Plus she has a new boyfriend named Kenneth Petty.

“The sh-t beyond me / You was supposed to be my Beyoncé now you this n—a fiancée? / “What?! F–k you mean you feel a connection? / He listen to you what? / This n—-a wore Balenciaga with boot cut jeans / What the fuck you losing your mind / Every time you post this  n—- I want to smoke this n—-,” raps Mill.

You can listen to that snippet here, and see Mill talk about helping family and friends below.

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