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Beauty Mogul Supa Cent Breaks Her Own Record, Earns Over $1 Million in Less Than an Hour

In Nov. 26, 2018, Raynell Steward, otherwise known as Supa Cent, did something remarkable by selling out all the products of her cosmetic company The Crayon Case in less than two hours. She also made $1 million in that short period of time.

Well, the $1 million in sales wasn’t a fluke, because Supa Cent hosted another sale on Friday, March 1 called #Taxmas, and her Crayon Case packages sold out in less than one hour, grossing $1.37 million with over 23,000 orders.

Raynell 'Supa Cent" Steward made over a $1 million in sales for the second time.


She shared a screenshot of the sales numbers on Instagram, thanked consumers and apologized to them for selling out so quickly.

“Thank you to all my supporters!!” wrote Supa Cent on Thursday. “I will run another sale for my apologies. Give me a few weeks to gather my supplies. I’ll try my best not to sell out again! Not even 60 minutes.” 😢

Just like Supa Cent did the first time she grossed $1 million, people wrote how proud they are of her, and how much she motivates them.

“Girllllll if this isn’t the kick in the butt I needed,” one person wrote. “I’ll never stop clapping for you, so proud 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾.”

“Such an inspiration!!!” wrote another. “You killin it baby!! @supa_cent.”

“I want to be like you when I grow up,” a third person commented.

Before starting her cosmetics company, Supa Cent began posting funny videos on the social network The Vine in 2013.

And since making her first million dollars on that Black Monday, she’s truly given back, because in December 2018 the business owner co-hosted a Christmas toy drive in New Orleans and broke a Guinness World Record by collecting 5,019 toys in one hour.

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