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Beauty Mogul Who Made $1M in 90 Minutes Reportedly Has Alarming Health Scare

Months after going viral for earning $1 million from her makeup kit in just under two hours, Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward is facing a serious health crisis.

The Crayon Case creator shared some since-deleted photos of herself in the hospital over the last several days on Instagram. She also requested prayers from fans. In her Instagram Story, Steward said she had her boyfriend take her to familiar places to help jog her apparently failing memory. Additionally, a doctor suggested she see a neurologist.

supa cent
(From left) Jesseca “BB Judy” Dupart feeds Supa Cent’s baby girl in bed next to Tokyo Vanity and Supa. (Photo: @tokyoxvanity/Instagram)

The alleged memory lapses follow Supa Cent giving birth to her second child, daughter Leà Mae Leagea, in March. Memory issues during pregnancy — deemed “Mommy brain” — happen. But a research study conducted 2009 from Dr. Diane Farrar of the Maternal and Child Research team at the Bradford Institute for Health Research in London discovered the brain can remain foggy three months after birth too.

By Sunday, fans got more of an answer as to what Steward had been dealing with.

Beauty mogul Jesseca “BB Judy” Dupart shared a photo of herself feeding Supa Cent’s baby girl in bed with Steward and “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tokyo Vanity between them. They appeared to be at home with Steward following her apparent release from the hospital.

“LOOK, I’m crying as I type this but need y’all to know something,” Dupart wrote in a since-deleted caption. “We are trying to deal with this personally but fully understand that she is a public figure. We bring her to places that she requests when things are going good so we can go over memories and let her enjoy 😊 she likes to talk about memories and things…… but she is not herself sometimes so although WE ALL KNOW she’s said many of times that shell take a pic with anyone ….. unfortunately right now that’s not the case. We just take her out to let her see some places let her enjoy somethings but yesterday for example we went out to eat ….. after we were done we were waiting on valet someone yelled ‘SUPA, remember me from such and such’ …… she didn’t even respond and he seemed disappointed but at that EXACT moment she didn’t know he was even talking to her. She turned and asked me and Tok 👀👀 ‘am I Supa ?’ So please don’t feel bad when we say she can’t take pics or if her responses are off. We would just keep her inside but she has been wanting to go places ‘when she’s good’ PLEASE JUST KEEP PRAYING FOR MY SISTER.”

Vanity kept things more close to the vest in her caption and focused her remarks on asking for support rather than disclosing Steward’s illness.

“Honestly we dont know if we are coming or going right now but what I do know is god is working. Working on you NELL. You have so many friends and family who love you dearly. It’s amazing to see your support system. And to people that don’t personally know my sister and see my sister out somewhere, though I know you don’t understand what’s going on and she looks totally fine to you, my sister, her family and friends are in a place right now where we are trying to figure s— out and be normal again. So if I offend anyone when I back you up off her or when i say now is not the time I truly apologize. And as much as I’d like to explain it’s not really my place to go into detail 🖤”

The beauty mogul’s representatives issued a statement Monday revealing the New Orleans native is resting at home. While thanking the public for their concern, the notice also requested privacy.

“In the midst of any tribulation, a strong support system is required and we are blessed to have over 1.6 million loving spirits to receive that from,” the statement said in part. “We are happy to announce Raynell ‘Wuzzam Supa’ Steward is home resting. As we intend to remain as transparent as possible, we ask that privacy and peace be given to her, her staff, family and friends at this time.

“Thank you sincerely for the outpouring of love, it is nothing short of amazing, and has not gone unnoticed,” the press release continued. “Your continued prayers and well wishes are very much still welcomed.”

Fans have since offered up their thoughts and prayers hope for the makeup star to recouperate.

“😭❤️ sending love and light 😘”

“Prayers up🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽”

“My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for her. God Bless ❤️🙏🏽”

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