Supa Cent Cautions Fans Against Making Assumptions as She Heads Back to Work After Hospitalization

As promised, beauty mogul Supa Cent has arrived home from the hospital this week following nearly a month of being in and out of three different facilities.

The makeup star, who rose to widespread fame when she went viral for selling $1 million worth of her makeup kit in under two hours last year, was suffering from severe memory issues months after giving birth to her second child this spring.

When the New Orleans native was discharged for a final time on June 19, she made it clear to her Instagram followers that she’d be getting right back to work.

However, her eagerness to return to business had fans concerned.

That apparently led Supa to make a video on Instagram Wednesday urging her fans to cease making their assumptions.

“I’ma need you guys to slow down. Ask questions before you go assuming,” she begins. “I’ve been in the hospital for three weeks … resting for three weeks … Been in Ochsner for nine days straight waiting for results. Resting.”

Not revealing the cause of her memory issues, she expounded further in the video caption, “My manager @russellbaker11 made sure he came to the hospital and waited to talk to my neurologist. He asked her ‘Can she return to work’. She said YES. ‘Can she get on planes’ YES!”

Still, there are other restrictions the star has to contend with as she recovers from her mystery illness that has yet to be disclosed.

Supa cannot drive for six months and cannot bathe or go to swimming pools. If she cooks, she is only allowed to use the back burners and the front two must be covered, she said. She also noted she must take medication daily and go to bed between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. In a separate post, Supa also stated she’s only allowed to have one drink.

“I understand you guys are concerned,” she concluded. “But if I didn’t care about myself the first time. I wouldn’t of found out what’s wrong. I’m booked for the next 16 weeks. It’s time to WORK.”

Supa updated fans further on Thursday and explained she still has issues with remembering things short term.

“I still suffering short term memory loss. It’s really f—ing with me,” she said in the caption of a video admonishing folks who did not check on her during her hospitalization. “But don’t come acting like you rock with me. This s–t was the most serious time for me. … Everybody that texted me. That means a lot to me too. Kept checking up on me. Thank you. If I ignored the text. It’s because I don’t know who you are due to my memory loss. But thank you for simply taking time out your day to give me wishes. But everybody else…………. Watch My Smoke!💨”

Supa began going public with her postpartum memory woes earlier this month when she posted photos of herself in the hospital on Instagram. Her boyfriend Lou, who has stuck by her side throughout the process, also drove her around to familiar areas to jog her memory. Her pals Jesseca “BB Judy” Dupart and “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tokyo Vanity also shared updates with fans between Supa’s hospital stays.

“We just take her out to let her see some places let her enjoy somethings but yesterday for example we went out to eat ….. after we were done we were waiting on valet someone yelled ‘SUPA, remember me from such and such,’” Dupart explained in one example of Supa’s memory loss. “…… she didn’t even respond and he seemed disappointed but at that EXACT moment she didn’t know he was even talking to her. She turned and asked me and Tok 👀👀 ‘am I Supa ?’”

Fans have taken Supa’s newest updates in stride and continue to send her well-wishes.

“Keeping you in my prayers 💕”

“I’m glad you’re doing better SUPA. Praying for you love ❤️❤️”

“Hope you have a good and healthy recovery!!😘😘 “

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