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50 Cent Takes Credit for Ja Rule’s Disastrous Halftime Show: ‘I Told Them To Do That’

Ja Rule performed on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Milwaukee Bucks’ halftime show for the team’s 1990s theme night, but the crowd wasn’t as energized as the Murder Inc. rapper probably would’ve liked, which 50 Cent took credit for.

“They said this is ’90s night,” said Rule as he walked on to the court in a Bucks jersey. “So they brought out a 2000 artist, but my album came out in ’99, so I guess that counts.”

He then asked the music provider and crowd if they were all set, but very few people responded. “Are you ready?” Rule asked again, however, the audience was still relatively quiet. “I guess not,” the rapper said.

The clip eventually made its way to the Internet, and 50 responded on Sunday.

“👀why they do that to him😟oh yeah, I told them to do that,” wrote 50. “😆LMAO Emanuel Gonzalez would say shoot him on sight.”

50’s post is just the latest round of beef between him and Rule, who’ve been going at it since the early 2000s when the G-Unit rapper first came on the scene. Both rappers have different accounts of how the beef began, but it started in their local Queens neighborhood while Rule had some fame and 50 was still on the come-up.

One of the latest jabs 50 took at Rule was in October 2018 when he purchased tickets to the first two rows of his show just so they could be empty.

But the clip of Rule’s halftime performance that 50 posted was edited by someone to make it appear the crowd wasn’t screaming at all, when the real footage shows they had some reaction. In fact, Rule responded to the talk that no one cheered.

He also sent word to Bucks fans who teased him for the Fyre Festival debacle, since Rule is considered partially responsible for it failing.

“Y’all really be on my d–k,” wrote Rule on Sunday. “Let’s be clear. My sound was f–ked up at first and didn’t come on when it was supposed to but I rocked that bitch.”

You can see his actual performance below.





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