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Ja Rule Fires Back Hard at 50 Cent for Interfering with His Concert Audience

Ja Rule clapped back at 50 Cent after the G-Unit rapper purchased 200 tickets to Ja’s show so the front row could be empty.

The Murder Inc. member began his response by saying that his taunts are really getting to 50 and he’s happy about it. “I get under @50cent skin. I love it,” he tweeted.

Ja Rule Responded To 50 Cent Buying Tickets To His Show


From there, Ja uploaded an old red carpet photo from when 50 used to work with EFFEN Vodka, on which Ja had drawn sex toys. Young Buck is in the photo, too. “So this is what goes on at them EFFEN Vodka events,” he wrote. “Drink responsibly.”

Then the “Put It On Me” rapper manipulated a couple of photos and put 50 in a wig, makeup and earrings. “This look fits you, ol’ h- ass,” he captioned one of the photos.

He also said the G-Unit rapper is the only person taking their 16-year-old beef seriously.

“This beef is a joke to everyone except this lil’ ape looking b-tch, wrote Ja. “She mad mad.”

Afterwards, a lot of people weighed in and some found the the posts humorous while others seemed tired of the near 20-year-old beef. Folks blamed both rappers for keeping it going as well.

“You got too much money to be such a hater,” one person wrote to 50. “Plus, you helped him out. This beef is 20 years old. Leave that man alone.”

“50 had nothing to say about you for years, until you and [Irv Gotti] decided to come after him for some clout,” another person wrote to Ja. “Face it, 50 has outdone you on a business level. Just quit already, man. Nothing worse than a dead dude that refuses to stay dead. Oh wait, 50 once did that when your bros had him capped 9 times.”

The G-Unit rapper hasn’t responded to these posts, at least not yet.

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