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Why Mo’Nique’s Husband Compares Her to Malcolm X and Dr. King Following Heated Discussion with Steve Harvey

Comedienne Mo’Nique, revealed this week that comedian Steve Harvey encouraged her to remain silent on her blackballed stance after her controversial appearance on his “Steve” talk show two weeks ago.

Mo’Nique continues to stand her ground against Hollywood elites Tyler PerryLee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey who she claims blackballed her from the entertainment industry, spreading the notion that she’s difficult to work with. In 2018, she also called for a boycott against online streaming platform “Netflix” for offering her a low amount of money for her comedy special.

As the “Queens of Comedy” actress continues to voice her stance that integrity is more important than money when it comes to going toe-to-toe with Hollywood head honchos, she has the backing support of her husband-manager Sidney Hicks who compared her fight to civil right leaders who’ve paved the way for others.

During the latest episode of the couple’s podcast “Monique and Sidney’s Open Relationship,” Mo’Nique blasted Harvey for seemingly urging her to pull back from her stance after their sit-down disagreement on his show which aired on Feb. 13.


Mo’Nique, Sidney Hicks and Steve Harvey. (@therealmomoworldwide & @iamsteveharvey/Instagram)

“For us, and what did not get aired on the show, is when Steve Harvey said to me, ‘I will not let my family crumble over integrity, with me trying to make a stand or a point.’…With no integrity, your family is already crumbled,” the “Precious” actress said.

She continued, “I don’t give a got damn how many mansions you pull up to, I don’t give a godd*mn how many private yachts you pull up to. I don’t give a f*ck about all the material sh*t. If you have no integrity, you are already crumbled.”

Hicks said he supports his wife’s fight one-hundred percent and compared her to historical civil right figures Dr. King and Malcolm X.

“The same people that we deal with now, in history, that’s saying, ‘Mo’Nique, you should be quiet,’ were the same ones who told Malcolm. They were the same ones who told MLK, ‘Y’all were crazy for standing up for your rights.’”

Mo’Nique backed her husband’s claim and viewpoint of refusing to stay silent.

“What if the ones that came before us, just let it go?” she said. ” What if the ones that came before us were too afraid to say something? And believe me, there were those ones…for the ones that want to stay quiet, keep your ass quiet.”

Although Mo’Nique and Hicks don’t agree with Harvey’s counsel for them take a different direction in their approach, the couple said they still have “love” for the talk show host and the others who’ve allegedly blackballed the actress.

“Someone put, ‘I hate Steve.’ Please don’t. That’s the last thing we want, baby,” said Mo’Nique. “The last thing we want is for anybody to hate our brother. For anybody to hate Oprah, Tyler, Lee, Steve, Will Packer– we don’t want nobody to hate our brothers and sisters. What we want is for us to fall in love with each other for real.”

Watch “Monique & Sidney’s Open Relationship” podcast below:

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