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‘Majorie Is Gonna Beat You:’ Steve Harvey Might Be in Hot Water After Wife Finds Out he Watched This Video ’26 Times’

Steve Harvey displayed some real honesty in a past episode of his talk show “Steve,” and some believe it’ll get him in trouble with his wife Marjorie Harvey.

A bunch of Internet chatter began on Friday (Feb. 22) when a clip surfaced that showed the 62-year-old talk about the video for the song “Twerk” by City Girls’ and Cardi B, where a number of women gyrate.

“My son and assistant showed me the Cardi B ‘Twerk’ video. I was just sitting there shaking my head. I looked at this thing 26 times,” said Harvey, as the studio audience broke into laughter.

He then referenced City Girl member Yung Miami.

“I don’t know who that girl is with the zebra paint on but oh lord,” Harvey yelled. “And the thing that made me mad about the video, y’all make videos now where they just show flashes and they flash again. I was trying to pause it, slow it down. Where you going? That’s why I had to watch it so many times.”

Harvey has been with his wife for 12 years and talks about her often so his fans brought her up.

“Nothing wrong with looking you better not let Marjorie see you 😂😂,” one person wrote.

“Majorie is gonna beat you Steve!” another warned him.

“Unc don’t get in trouble,” said another fan.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem like anyone alerted Yung Miami about Steve’s comments, at least not in her recent Instagram posts.

And as for the “Twerk” video itself, which now has over 51 million YouTube views, many women have called it empowering, which the co-director Sara Lacombe said was the whole point of making it.

“It was definitely purposeful,” she told Billboard earlier this month. “And it’s funny, because a bunch of ass shaking in a video is common. But it was different this time because the song was made by women, and we felt that the message would be stronger if there were absolutely no males in the video.”

“It was meant to empower women to accept their sexuality and be free,” added Lacombe. “We might not have had the same result if there was a bunch of men.”

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