Myron Rolle Denies Amanda Seales’ Accusation of Sexual Impropriety, Says She Lied Because He Turned Down Her Advances

Former NFL player turned neurosurgeon Myron Rolle responded to Amanda Seales‘ claims that he sexually harassed her.

The standup comedian first spoke of the alleged harassment on “The Breakfast Club” a few weeks ago but never mentioned Rolle’s name. Seales then talked about it again on her podcast “Small Doses,” however, she didn’t reveal who she was speaking about until Feb. 18 on Instagram Stories.

Myron Rolle responded to Amanda Seales' claim of sexual harassment.

Myron Rolle, Amanda Seales. (Photos: Instagram/Instagram)

Seales also said that other women contacted her and revealed similar stories.

“We spoke on the phone, and, uhh, they said some troubling things in the conversation that made me take a step back,” said Seales. “With literally no investigation, it was brought to my attention he had sexually harassed a woman by opening the door when she came to meet him for a date butt naked. And then telling her that she was the one overreacting.”

Rolle’s response came on Thursday, and he flat-out denied all of the allegations. On top of that, he criticized how similar claims are treated nowadays.

“I understand that in today’s world the responsibility falls on the ‘accused’ to prove themselves innocent, as opposed to ones alleged ‘accuser’ having’ to prove their claims before going public,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, I have found myself victim to these very circumstances.”

“Let me make myself perfectly clear,” he continued. “These accusations are absolutely false and should be characterized as exactly what they are — acts of bullying, intimidation and retaliation.”

Rolle then accused Seales of making the allegation because he didn’t return her advances, and she may have wanted a relationship with him.

“Accusations of sexual harassment should be taken seriously but the same should be said for false accusations against someone and the impact those accusations can have in today’s digital world,” he wrote.

Rolle received plenty of support from his followers, who said they didn’t believe Seales and accused her of trying to ruin his reputation.

Seales hasn’t responded to the neurosurgeon’s response yet, and it might be because she was in Indianapolis on Thursday speaking to children at Olivet Baptist Missionary. Seales has a masters degree in African-American studies from Columbia University, and she spoke to the children about the importance of education.

You can read Rolle’s full statement below:

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