Amanda Seales Explains Why She Names Former Standout Scholar-Athlete Myron Rolle in Sexual Misconduct Claim

Amanda Seales accused Russell Simmons of sexual harassment a while back, and now she said former Florida State defensive back and Tennessee Titans draftee Myron Rolle, who was a Rhodes Scholar and is a current Harvard neurosurgeon, did the same thing.

The “Insecure” star first talked about the alleged incident when she visited “The Breakfast Club” late last month, however, she didn’t mention Rolle’s name. But the actress said she received a number of lewd text messages from a man, which she spoke more about on her “Small Doses” podcast.

Amanda Seales accused Myron Rolle of sexual harassment

Amanda Seales and Myron Rolle. (Photos: Instagram/Instagram)

And on Monday, Feb.18, Seales went on Instagram Stories and revealed Rolle’s name and explained why she felt compelled to do so.

“I really don’t take it lightly what I’m about to say, because when you name names you know you not only put that person out there but you put yourself out there,” she explained. “But I feel as a woman who makes it my business to be a warrior for the truth, that it needs to be said. I on my podcast, um, and on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ spoke about an individual who had approached me on the Internet, and we spoke on the phone, and, uhh, they said some troubling things in the conversation that made me take a step back.”

Seales also said that even though she didn’t name Rolle, eight other women recognized certain characteristics from her description, which gave her even more reason to come forward.

“With literally no investigation, it was brought to my attention he had sexually harassed a woman by opening the door when she came to meet him for a date butt naked,” she detailed. “And then telling her that she was the one overreacting.”

Rolle hasn’t responded to Seales’ claims yet, and he hasn’t received any major backlash on his social media pages.

In fact, in the comments of his latest Instagram post, he’s received a lot of praise for making the leap from football to medicine.

“I played football, but I didn’t want to be categorized as just a jock,” he said in 2017.

After catching the attention NFL scouts following his time as a defensive back at Florida State, Rolle postponed his NFL career for one year to attend Oxford in England on a Rhodes scholarship, then he was signed by the Titans in 2010. The safety never actually played in a regular-season NFL game, and in 2013 he retired from pro football to return to FSU to go to medical school.

You can see Seales talk about Rolle below.




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