Mystery Post by L.A. Gym Has Tami Roman Fans Curious About Her Possible Return to ‘Basketball Wives’

Tami Roman has said she’s still only in discussions to appear on season 8 of “Basketball Wives.” But a telltale emoji in a Los Angles fitness center included in a recent Instagram post could mean that the talks have turned into a decision.

Roman and fellow reality star Ogom “OG” Chijindu posed for a photo after taking a class at Sandbox Fitness Tuesday, Feb. 19.

“When the Basketball Wives @tamiroman & @iheartog come to get their booties kicked by @fitfabulousfoodie #basketballwives #basketballwives🎥” wrote the social media manager of the gym.

Noticeably, the final hashtag also included a movie camera emoji, indicating a VH1 camera crew was in tow to capture O.G. and Roman’s sweat session.

tami roman

Tami Roman (left) and Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu flank an apparent Sandbox Fitness employee in the L.A. gym. (Photo: @sandbox_fitness/Instagram)

While that hasn’t been confirmed, the post, which was later shared on a “Basketball Wives” fan Instagram page, aroused fans.

“Omggggg she filming ok I guess I’ll watch.”

“@tamiroman are u filming for bbw??? Let me know cause i wont watch if u aint there😘”

“I really hope so 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽.”

However, some speculated any return of Roman’s means she couldn’t say no to another stream of income.

“She wasn’t gonna say no to that check.”

“Of course! They added another zero! To that check! 💃🏽🤑”

“She need that f—ing check. Neck ass.”

O.G., who made her debut as a cast member during season 7, has already been seen filming for the show. A boomerang video of her posing between takes with fellow returning castmate CeCe Gutierrez was shared by the “Wives” fan account on Feb. 14.

By contrast, Roman hasn’t been caught in front of the reality show’s cameras. Instead, she’s been focusing on her upcoming shoe line collaboration with designer
Jessica Rich. Plus she’s been busy working on her burgeoning acting career, including a recently wrapped first season of BET’s “Carl Weber’s The Family Business.

News of her possibly joining O.G. for at least a scene on “Basketball Wives” comes months after Roman initially said she was not going to leave the show.

“Let me address ALL of your tweets…whew you got a lot of time. Here goes, sick of me-ok, leaving show-nope, booked&busy-yup but I need All my checks I got bills. Have a wonderful day & rest your fingers 💋,” she tweeted last summer.

By October, when a fan asked if she’d come back during an Instagram Q&A she simply said, “No comment.” Yet in January, she told “Entertainment Tonight” “certain changes” would have to be made “for me to be comfortable in that environment.”
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