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T.I. Disses Floyd Mayweather For Refusing To Boycott Gucci, Floyd Responds

Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather said he’d still support Gucci after many in the Black community boycotted the brand for creating a sweater that many believed was inspired by blackface.

“My thing is this, I like to live life and do what I like to do,” said Mayweather while he spoke to TMZ. “I’m not no follower, I do what the f— I want to do, because everybody say wear this or don’t wear this. I wear what the f— I wanna wear.”

T.I. released a Floyd Mayweather diss track called "F--K N---a" and Floyd responded.


While folks like 50 Cent and Waka Flocka used social media to diss the pro fighter for his stance, T.I. gave his response in a new song titled “F–k N—a.” He also used 50’s meme of the boxer for the single’s cover, which is a drawing of the Gucci sweater around Mayweather’s face.

Tip doesn’t mention his name in the song, but the lyrics center around someone who amassed riches but never helped anyone or gave back to his community.

“Damn, it must suck to be a F–k N—a, old greedy ass n— only thinking about hisself / They get the fame, then get the wealth / But people is struggling who did you help?” Tip raps in the chorus.

The verses in the song follow the same theme.

“Man, where your gratitude? / You act like wasn’t no more poor people struggling after you / Guess you were the last, n— you trash / You wouldn’t never got big as you is if the folk in the hood wasn’t supporting your ass,” rapped the Grand Hustle leader.

Mayweather responded to the backlash on Thursday and called the rappers criticizing him hypocrites. According to the 41-year-old, some rappers claim to care about the Black community but then create music with harmful messages.

“The same celebrities stirring the pot over brands that they without doubt will continually buy are the same artists that inject rap lyrics fueled with drugs, murder and sexual promiscuity into the very Black communities you’re pretending to care so much about,” he wrote on Instagram.”

You can listen to T.I.’s song below. Do they both have a point?

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