Floyd Mayweather Says He’s Too Independent to Follow any Gucci Boycott, 50 Cent Replies


It’s been almost a week since the backlash began against Gucci for releasing a black sweater with red lips that many believed evoked blackface imagery. The Italian fashion brand has since apologized, but people like T.I., Soulja Boy and Spike Lee said they’ll boycott them anyway.

On the other hand, Floyd Mayweather said he’s still going to buy Gucci items, which he talked about on Monday, Feb. 11, outside the Gucci store in Beverly Hills, Calif. It was something that 50 Cent eventually clowned him for.

“My thing is this, I like to live life and do what I like to do,” Floyd told TMZ. “I’m not no follower, I do what the f— I want to do, because everybody say wear this or don’t wear this. I wear what the f— I wanna wear. I’m about to go into Gucci.”

The reporter then asked Mayweather if he was worried about receiving backlash from the Black community for not turning his back on the luxury brand.

“They said they going to be upset with me?” he asked. “I love it. I live for myself. We all know racism still exist. But that’s not going to stop my drive. I got friends from all walks of life. Of course, Black lives matter first, but I’m going to continue to go out there and live life and be happy and be positive. Nobody’s going to tell me what to wear and what not to wear.”

50’s response to Mayweather came the following day.

“Champ you need a publicist,” he wrote. “You saying all the wrong sh– fool.”

Fif also posted a video of a man blasting the pro fighter.

“First of all Floyd, n—-s don’t give a f—  what you say,” stated the man in clip. “Like, you not even a part of the culture, n—-. You too rich. N—– in the street, we don’t want to hear your opinion.”

50 and Floyd have been beefing for a quite some time after they started out as friends. At one point, they called a truce, but things turned sour after the singer Teairra Mari sued 50 for posting a sexually explicit photo of her.

After that, Floyd began working with Mari to promote a Memorial Day weekend event he was throwing, and 50 accused him of disloyalty.

You can see 50’s response to Floyd’s stance on Gucci below.

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