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Phaedra Parks Uploads Attention-Grabbing Photo That Turns Her Boyfriend’s Head and Fans Are Here for It

Phaedra Parks’ sexy Instagram shot is grabbing the attention of both her fans and her man.

The former star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” uploaded a photo Tuesday donning-tight leather-like ensemble with feather-accented YSL shoes.

“Waiting at the door for you like…..” the self-described southern belle wrote in the caption of her Feb. 12 photo.

phaedra parks


Fans raved about the reality star’s fit.

“❤️❤️Yessss Honey💪🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️😍😘”

“Whoaaa you look gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“Milk and exercise does a body Good!! Im on it. LOL… does cost!! Looking fantastic my sister Phaedra!!”

“Sis I see you bringing it to the next level…go head on baby…#nolavoice.”

“Larde have mercy ! You know you got it all ‘The 3 B’s’  Beauty Body & Brains!!! SMH 💕👋🏾👏😇 Mommy & Daddy Blessed you!!!”

And when Parks’ boyfriend, Chicago radio and TV personality Tone Kapone gave his thoughts, the Atlanta-based attorney couldn’t help but reply.

“I am coming in door Looking at you like 😍🤤….. I will text you the rest 😉” Kapone commented.

“@tonekapone33 💋💋💋” his beau said in response.

phaedra parks

It seems the fire is still burning hot between Kapone and Parks, who were first pictured together at a Chicago New Year’s Eve party at the end of 2018.

Parks hasn’t been publicly seen dating anyone since her marriage to Apollo Nida, who is the father of her two boys, ended nearly two years ago. However, fans have given the mortician their seal of approval.

“Apollo who?!!!!!! OK SIS 😍😍”

“And we thought Apollo was fine chile that’s how you upgrade! Yass Southern Belle.”

Still, things haven’t completely been smooth sailing. Weeks after going public, Parks and Kapone had to grapple with a rumor former RHOA star Claudia Jordan spread. She claimed the lawyer’s new flame had another lady in his life aside from Parks.

“Mannnnn but just days before nye he was telling my girl SHE’s his ‘wife’ and he loves her! Tired of biting my tongue,” Jordan said. “Matter of fact we all spoke on a 3 way and he was all in. Someone tell mr. Kapone they don’t pay the men on RHOA! Only for the reunion run Phaedra! He for everybody!”

Kapone swiftly put that claim to rest, however, when he posted a photo affirming he only has eyes for Parks.

“‘Not For Everybody’” just for her,” Kapone wrote in the caption.

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