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K. Michelle Seemingly Confirms She’s Still With Kastan Sims After Months of Breakup Speculation

It was rumored that R&B singer K. Michelle had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Dr. Kastan Sims, but it seems the two are still together.

For a while now, fans wondered if K. Michelle and her “Dr. Bae” were still together after not publicly being spotted together for some time. However, it appears the couple are still on after the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer seemingly confirmed they’re still in a relationship.

The 34-year-old mother took to social media on Feb. 14 and shared a post that blasted folks for putting on a front for the sake of Valentine’s Day.

“How was ya’ll Halloween? Valentines ain’t nothing but people dressing up like they give a F–K,” the now-deleted Instagram post read.

K. Michelle

(Photo: @kmichellemusic/Instagram)

K. Michelle also called out the men who’ve tried to ruin her relationship with her current boyfriend and noted she was hell-bent on being “faithful.”

“All you ni–a[s] trying to take me from my man ain’t send me no diamond nothing 😂. Thank God I keep my legs close and I’m faithful,” she wrote.

“So you two are still together?” one fan asked.

Another added, “You betta be faithful💘 !”

K. Michelle

K. Michelle and Kastan Sims attend K. Michelle birthday celebration at Gold Room on March 11, 2017, in Atlanta. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Around August 2018, fans pointed out how K. Michelle never shares any details about Dr. Sims or their relationship on social media. She responded back by going a full tirade about not having to “post her man.”

“Let me teach ya’ll about me. I don’t mess with nobody, but if you f–k with me, you will wish you never ever knew a new me,” she said. “Issa marriage… I’m married… I don’t have to post my man.”

K. Michelle told Essence in December 2017 that she and Sims, who’s a dentist, have known each for more than a decade and remained friends during her music career peak. She often refers to him as her husband, although they’re not legally married.

“We’ve been friends for over 19 years now, and I just looked at him and said this is the type of man that I should be with, someone who is my friend. … I feel like I’m married because he’s been attach to me for 19 years,” she said. “We just connect with us. … He knows who Limberly Pate is, he knows my government name, he knows me as that.”

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