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50 Cent Burns Gucci Shirt, Divides Fans Over Efficacy of His Form of Protest

At first 50 Cent said he was giving all of his Gucci items to the homeless. That’s because the Italian fashion house included in its 2018 fall-winter collection a black sweater with bright red lips that many thought looked like blackface.

But instead of just giving his Gucci stuff away, the “21 Questions” creator was seen burning one of the shirts. He uploaded a video of himself putting flame to it on Wednesday, and those with him were concerned he would set the building on fire, since they were indoors.

“I gotta get rid of all the Gucci I have at home,” 50 captioned the video. “I’m not supporting their brand anymore.”

The burning of the shirt comes shortly after Fif blasted Floyd Mayweather for refusing to boycott the brand. Earlier this week, Floyd said he’s not a follower and will wear whatever he likes. In response, 50 told him to get a publicist, because he was saying all the wrong things.

The rapper also posted a meme of Floyd on Wednesday that showed the black Gucci sweater drawn over the boxer’s face.

Earlier this week, François-Henri Pinault, the chief executive and main shareholder of Gucci’s parent company Kering SA, said the fashion house didn’t have the right people in place to know they were offending so many.

“We didn’t understand the sensitivities of the African-American community, which is reflected in that mistake,” he said. “We can’t be content with saying we’re sorry.”

Once the clip of 50 burning the shirt surfaced, many people liked the act but thought he should’ve stuck to his original idea and given the shirt to the homeless.

“Just give it away instead? Send it to a shelter,” someone wrote. “F— Gucci, but it’s still clothes tho?”

“Everyone is missing the point of burning the sh–,” another person responded. “Why have anyone wear it if they don’t deserve any advertising. I understand the give it to homeless or needy but he is making point. Just saying.”

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