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Soulja Boy Is Getting His Gucci Tattoo Removed, and 50 Cent Uses Gucci Drawing To Clown Floyd Mayweather

Soulja Boy has been conducting a lot of interviews over the past month, and some of them have gone viral.

In most of his sit-downs, the rapper has sported a Gucci headband and also has a Gucci tattoo on his forehead. But his love for the Italian brand has ceased after it released a black sweater with red lips on it that many said evoked blackface imagery.

On Saturday, Feb. 9, the “Crank That” rapper said he feels disrespected by the brand, because he’s spent so much money on them over the years. Soulja initially went on to say that would he give his Gucci items to charity, but after a second thought he concluded that people might not want them because of the scandal.

“For my culture, you’re right, they probably not gonna even want it, it’s so disrespectful,” he told TMZ on Saturday, Feb. 9, while coming out of the Fendi store in Beverly Hills. “I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, over the last 10 years on the brand, so it’s like I just feel disrespected from them to even portray my culture like that.”

The 28-year-old then talked about the Gucci tattoo on his forehead and said he’s already taken the steps to have it removed but still has two more visits to go.

But Soulja also stated if the brand cut him a nice-sized check and issued a personal apology to him, he’d support them again.

Other people who’ve boycotted the brand include T.I., Spike Lee, and 50 Cent, who said he’ll give all of his Gucci clothing to the homeless. Plus, on Wednesday, Feb. 13, Fif dissed Floyd Mayweather for saying he’d continue to support the brand by drawing a picture of the black sweater over his face.

“Get the f— outta here champ,” Fif captioned the photo.

You can see Soulja’s TMZ interview above and Fif’s post below.

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