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‘LHHNY’ Fans Gasp as Safaree Samuels Pulls Out of Sex Toy Deal

Safaree Samuels recently left “Love and Hip Hop: New York” viewers speechless after admitting to terminating his contract with adult company Doc Johnson.

In August 2018, Samuels reportedly was offered a seven-figure deal by Doc Johnson to craft a dildo molding of his man meat weeks after nude photos of his penis went viral all over social media. The New York rapper claimed someone stole his phone and leaked the nude images.

Samuels, the ex-fiancé of Nicki Minaj, had already inked a million dollar contract with the company before he began having second thoughts. In episode 7, he told his buddy Papoose that he was scared fans wouldn’t take him seriously as a rapper if he moved forward with the deal. Papoose agreed with Samuels and told him to turn down the deal.

Safaree Samuels


The New York rapper’s mother Shirley also advised her son to pull out of his already signed deal with Doc Johnson while indicating that no amount of money was worth his dignity.

“If you feel as if you’re not 100 percent sure don’t do it!” Mama Shirley told Samuels.

Well, it appears that the 37-year-old listened to his friends and family and announced to fans last night that Doc Johnson “kindly” let him out of his contract and ripped up his million dollar sex-toy deal.

“I’ve been struggling with the whole back and forth if whether I should go through with this whole sex toy deal or not, but at the end of the day I don’t feel like it’s me. Thankfully Doc Johnson was nice enough to let me out of my contract and I’m 100 percent free,” Samuels said. “It does sting a little bit that I’m going to miss out on a million dollars.”

Fans were puzzled and floored that Samuels would turn down such a large amount of money due to the advice of his family and friends and pursuing his music career.

“Safaree….it was foolish of you to turn down a million dollars when we all SEENT the real thing anyway!!!!! You fool 🤦🏽‍,” a fan exclaimed.

“Safaree. You played yaself kid 😂😂#LHHNY who turns down a million dollars for a non-existent music career,” another added.

A third added, “Safaree is a fool for turning down that deal 🤦🏽‍. Majority of his supporters are women. They are the ones who would be spending the cash on the toy. He really let guys who cater to a male audience stop his bag smh.”.

Checkout the video below at 28:51.

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