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‘LHHNY’ Fans Agree With Safaree Samuels’ Mother for Telling Him To Turn Down Money for Sex Toy Line: ‘Don’t Do It!’

Not everybody agrees with “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Safaree Samuels‘ million-dollar sex toy deal, including his mother Shirley.

Samuels has been considering whether he should go through with his deal with adult toy company Doc Johnson. In episode 7, the New York artist told his buddy Papoose he was afraid to move forward with the contract because he wants to be taken serious as a rapper. He’s fearful that fans would judge him for making a dildo model of his penis and would be less likely to support his music. Papoose agreed with Samuels, told him to ditch the deal and focus on his music career.

Safaree Samuels

SMom hirley (left) and Safaree Samuels. (photos: @iamsafaree/ VH1 Screenshot)

Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of mega-star Nicki Minaj, appears to be still torn about his sex toy deal and turns to his mother Shirley for advice. She told Samuels to pull out of his already signed contract with Doc Johnson for moral purposes and seemingly indicated that no amount of money is worth his dignity.

“If you feel as if you’re not 100 percent sure don’t do it!” Mama Shirley told her son.

Samuels replied, “I don’t know if this is something I can say ‘OK, no, I’m not doing it.’ These people got 50,000 preorders in a couple days.”

Shirley’s utterances seemingly reinforced the idea that she wasn’t on board with his sex toy deal.

“LHHNY” viewers had mixed reactions to Samuels’ wavering decision, but were in stitches over Mama Shirley’s honest objection about her son’s deal.

“😂 Caribbean mamas dont play I should know 🇧🇸😂, but she’s right money is never worth it,” one fan commented.

A second added, “G style!!! Gotta love her. Momma got this they always know before we do he better listen.”

“🤣 Yessssss mama … lay the law down,” a third viewer commented. “Safaree, you know that’s not the Jamaican way! Seriously 😳.”

In August, 2018 Samuels partnered with adult company Doc Johnson for a seven-figure deal to create a dildo molding of his man meat. Just weeks before the sex company reached out to the reality star, a leaked photo of his penis went viral on social media. He claimed someone stole his phone and leaked his nude pictures.

Despite his wavering in the episode taped months ago over whether to go through with the project, Samuels’ sex-toy line will be available February on Valentine’s Day. Pre-orders were placed in December 2018.

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