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‘People Think They Know But They Have No Idea’: Nene Leakes Fires Back at Commenters Who Diss Her for Treatment of Husband Gregg Leakes

Nene Leakes is having a tough time looking after husband Gregg Leakes as his cancer battle continues to weigh on him. But some online have no sympathy for the star and they’ve lashed out at her. As a result, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been forced to hit back.

During Sunday night’s episode, Nene was pushed to tears when explaining to her friend Cynthia Bailey how difficult it is to be the pillar of strength that Gregg needs as he continues to fight colon cancer.

nene leakes


“I get that he is overwhelmed and scared but I am overwhelmed too,” she said. “I feel like we going back the same way we came like we gon’ be breaking up … I have to be way out here [in Tokyo] and I can’t talk to him, and I don’t know…

“I still have feelings. I hate that word [‘strong’],” she adds. “I have feelings. I’m tired of trying to put on a face for everybody and nobody is trying to take care of me.”

And in a sneak peek from next week’s episode, Nene tells her spouse she’s going to drop him off at the hospital rather than sticking around while he’s in surgery. Nene, who to elected to go to her boutique and organize things instead, also told Gregg she’s “dealing with a whole lot.”

The decision did not sit well with one fan who erupted on Leakes’ Feb. 10 Instagram post and deemed her a “cold b—.”

Leakes hit back writing, “Gregg deserves loyalty???? Ask him who’s loyal in his life! I’ll wait.”

nene leakesThe remark wasn’t the only critical one about Nene.

A former fan said the “RHOA star” is “is all about herself.”

“I chose to vacate that space given other deplorable things she has said,” they added. “Lack of sensitivity for her husband’s situation has proven to me that I made the right decision. She casts a bad shadow.”

“I’m glad you gone😂” Nene replied.

nene leakes

Still, another fan hurled allegations that Nene was caught cheating on Gregg and proclaimed, “Gregg has been by your side 100,000,000 just seem like your being selfish at this point. It’s not about you it’s Gregg. I know it’s hard, u not the only wife that has been thru this. Don’t stress that man out making him sicker…”

“I’m glad you said ‘watching the show’ because you don’t know what Gregg has been outside of these cameras! The show shows you what they want you to see,” Nene replied.

nene leakes

All the blowback seemed to have pushed Nene to affirm her love for Gregg on Tuesday and she stated fans don’t have all the facts about their relationship.

“People think they know but they have no idea #ourbusiness #20plusyears #family #lifeoftheleakes @greggleakes,” the star wrote on Instagram Feb. 12.

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