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Gregg’s Illness is Taking a Toll on NeNe Leakes: ‘Is it Normal for Them to Be Mean’

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes is right by her husband Gregg Leakes‘ side as he continues his fight with cancer, but she did tell fans his attitude is meaner than usual.

NeNe went public with Gregg’s diagnosis in June and has been very candid with fans about her husband’s sickness. On Saturday, the Bravo star took to Twitter and asked social media if it was “normal” for her husband’s emotions to be haywire.

“When people are sick, is it normal for them to be mean,” she tweeted. “They talk mean to the person that’s helping? So stressful.”

NeNe Leakes


Fans instantly replied to NeNe and noted that “lottssss of emotions fluctuate for those who have major illnesses.”

One person retweeted, “Girl, yes. Chronic pain, depression, no sleep, guilt from feeling like they’ve brought hardships upon those they love, feeling less than they once were either physically/mentally, feeling physically stuck/immobile…list goes on. As they physically improve, so will their behavior.”

Another fan wrote, “Yesssssss, unfortunately 😪 it’s the disease, their bodies feel different, the drugs they’re taking, their lives have completely changed forever, etc. I had both parents suffer with cancer. It was extremely hard and very sad. So sorry you’re going through this. Take deep breaths!”

“It is & please be sure to take a break if you need to.”

“Yes! They may not be aware of how mean they are being. Hang in there! Let him be 💙.”

“Yes. They are hurting and frustrated and they always lash out on the person that’s closer to them. Be encouraged @NeNeLeakes God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers,” another person commented.

NeNe admitted that Gregg’s battle with cancer has been tough. During an interview with Bossip on Oct. 4, she revealed that her husband’s diagnosis has had a major impact on their daily lives.

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