Tiny Harris Unveils Natural Hair, Kills the Look With New Color


Xscape artist Tiny Harris recently traded in her wigs to show off her natural hair, and social media is going bananas.

Harris appears to have placed her wigs to the side after opting for a more natural look. She took to Instagram on Friday and shared a photo of herself sporting shoulder-length tresses. She shouted out celebrity hairstylist of Atlanta “Bk Luvs Me” for apparently dyeing her natural hair purple and black ombre.

“They will say anything for a click.. thirsty a$$👑💦 glam @bkluvsme & @latashawright,” the 43-year-old wrote in the caption of her photo.”

Tiny Harris

Folks appeared to be over the moon wit Harris’ natural hair switch up.

“Loving this color on you’re natural hair,” one fan wrote. “But then again you look beautiful with any color or length hair style 🔥.”

“I like your natural hair ❤️ ,” another added. Less with the wigs and more of your hair.”

A third commented, “You can wear any hair color effortlessly and still look fabulous. That’s all your hair ain’t it Tiny?? @majorgirl Natural beauty !💙.”

Over the past few weeks, Harris has been switching up her hairdos on a constant basis. The star was seen sporting a pink cotton-candy-colored bob during Super Bowll LIII weekend in Atlanta on Feb. 3.

The mother of four not only changes her hairstyles on a continual basis, but seemingly alters her overall looks. In 2016, she appeared on talk show “The Preachers” with pastors John Gray, Dr. E Dewey Smith Jr., Orrick Quick and Dr. Jamal Bryant and spoke a little more in depth about her controversial eye surgery.

At the time, Harris told the hosts that she does “crazy things” sometimes when she decided to change her brown iris to ice-gray.

“I had been researching it for like four or five years, and when I saw it I was like, ‘I’m doing this,'” she told the pastors. She added that her family seemed to be supportive of her decision.

Harris received a lot of backlash by folks who denounced her eye implant surgery. She however wasn’t fazed by the negative comments and said she had “the right to do” whatever she wanted to her body.

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