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‘I Feel Pretty S***y’: Kandi Burruss Finally Buries the Hatchet with Porsha Williams With Emotional Apology

At long last, Kandi Burruss’ feud with fellow “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams has ended.

The women joined their cast mates and sat around the table during their last night in Tokyo on Sunday’s episode and shared their highs and lows for the year. Williams said she didn’t want to feed into any lows but divulged that her relationship with Dennis McKinley was a high point — especially since they’ll be becoming parents.

The statement moved Burruss to apologize for digging up dirt on McKinley before. The singer previously told their “RHOA” co-star pals that McKinley had a propensity to tattoo his girlfriends’ names on him and even had been seeing someone else while getting with Williams.

So when Burruss apologized, she reflected on the poor things others said about her now-husband Todd Tucker, and it moved her to tears.

“I feel pretty s—-y about some of the things I said about Dennis, especially listening to what you said,” Burruss begins. “Obviously, those are some of the things that I had in my relationship as far as everybody had some s— to say in the beginning, but obviously Todd turned out to be amazing for me. So, it’s like no matter what happened before he got to me, it don’t matter because what he got with me is amazing. So with that, I apologize for all that I said, for real.”

Williams thanked Burruss for the apology and said she wants to have communication with her co-star going forward.

“I think it’s gon’ be me telling you how I feel about stuff instead of us telling other people and then you telling me too,” she says.

For fans, it couldn’t have been a sweeter end to the stars’ beef, even if the events they were seeing had actually been taped months earlier in September.

“I was literally crying when porsha and kandi made up in Japan 😫. It seemed so sincere #RHOA.”

“I can appreciate that Kandi finally realized she was doing the same thing to Porsha and Dennis that ppl were doing to her & Todd… #rhoa .”

“I had my eyebrows raised at you all season bc u my girl @kandi but last night made me proud!! Last night was a grown woman move 🏆”

“So proud of y’all two! 🥰👏🏾 Also very happy and proud to see you and @porsha4real put all that unnecessary nonsense behind you and move forward. 💯”

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