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Bow Wow Says He’s Trying to Be Positive In a World of ‘Negativity’ As More Information Come to Light In Kiyomi Leslie Fight

One day after Kiyomi Leslie Holden‘s 911 call was released, that provided more details of her fight with on and off boyfriend Bow Wow, some of the rapper’s injuries surfaced online.

There’s one photo that shows the same scratches on his forehead which appeared in a mugshot when he was arrested. Others display what looks like a bite mark and big bruise near his rib cage. Plus, there’s more scratches on his neck and under one of his eyes.

Bow Wow said he's trying to stay positive in a world that loves negative energy after he releases photos from a fight with Kiyomi Leslie.


The fight reportedly took place at Bow and Holden’s Atlanta apartment building, and she was arrested as well. But in her 911 call, Holden said the rapper was the aggressor and a building manager claimed she heard Bow threaten to slap the model.

Shaquille O’Neal‘s name came up as well, because in a police report Bow Wow indicated that he felt disrespected since Holden was paying too much attention to someone named Shaquille. The retired hoop star had a party in Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend, and both Bow and Holden were supposedly there.

After the 911 call was released, a lot of people showed Holden support, which she thanked them for. But others blamed her for the fight, and she answered them on Instagram Stories.

“It’s sick that most of the hate is coming from women who have daughters,” wrote Holden in a message that surfaced on Friday. “When the truth comes all the way out, I want these celebrities and females who backing this shenanigans to keep the same energy.”

She sent a separate message as well.

“When people start disliking you they want everybody else to start disliking you too then the lies begin,” wrote Holden on the same day.

Bow Wow also seemingly addressed the fight and releasing of the 911. This is after he said his world was falling apart earlier this week.

“Trying to remain positive in a world that feeds off negativity and lies,” he tweeted on Thursday.

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