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Watch: See the Moments Before Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie Faced Off on Super Bowl Weekend

New footage has surfaced of Bow Wow getting into a tense dispute with his girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie before their highly-publicized fight over Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta.

As the two took an elevator in their apartment complex Saturday, Feb. 2, the rapper is seen walking up on Leslie, whose real name is Leslie Holden, and trying to snatch what appear to be keys from her hand. When he does so, he paces the elevator with his jacket pulled down. Then, he approaches her and speaks just inches away from her face as she turns away. The clip concludes with Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, continuing to speak to her as they exit the elevator.

The couple wound up getting into a physical altercation not long after, with each of them suffering “visible minor injuries.” Since authorities who arrived on the scene could not determine who was at fault, both parties of the off-and-on couple were taken to Fulton County Jail and booked on charges of battery. They wound up getting released on $8,000 bond Saturday night.

Since the images of their mugshots surfaced, a 911 call has been released following the fight.

When Leslie rung police she said, “I been physically assaulted by my boyfriend, and I would like to make a report. He was hitting me in places that he said no one is going to believe. The police already came here, but they wouldn’t let me out the bedroom. They took my phone from me. He was just hitting me with his hands.”

The incident occurred when the “Wild ‘n’ Out” star alleged her boyfriend, who was seen with scratches across his face in his mugshot, flew into a jealous rage when she canoodled with someone else at a party.

“Mr. Moss [Bow Wow] stated that Ms. Holden [Leslie] was all over another man’s body in the party. A man Mr. Moss referred to as Shaquille,” reads the police report. “Mr. Moss stated that he felt very disrespected by her behavior, that the argument became heated, that Ms. Holden started yelling loudly and calling him “b—- ass n—a.”

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