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Tami Roman Fans Threaten to Boycott ‘Basketball Wives’ If She Doesn’t Star In New Season

Fans of “Basketball Wives of L.A.” star Tami Roman are not afraid to show their loyalty.

There’s been speculation as to whether or not Roman plans on returning back to the VH1 series for season 8 which is reportedly set to premiere in May. However, fans are already promising to boycott the show if their favorite co-star Roman doesn’t reappear.

A fan page on Instagram posted an old “BBW” clip from season 7 of Evelyn Lozada arguing with newcomer CeCe Gutierrez after Lozada reportedly slut-shamed her.

“Whose ready for season 8👀👀#BasketBallWives,” BBW Tea wrote in their caption.

A slew of fans replied back that they’ll only watch the new season if Roman stars in it.

“If Tami doesn’t come back I’m not watching the show,” a fan commented.

“Nope …not if Tami is not there,” another added.

“No Tami or Jen? You can forget about it,” a third fan wrote.

“🤷🏽‍♂️ if Tami not coming back we don’t need another season,” a follower said.

Roman ended the show on shaky grounds after walking off the stage in the middle of taping season 7 “BBW” reunion. She and her nemesis Lozada had an explosive season together where “hurtful” remarks were slung back and forth. From Lozada poking fun at Roman’s weight, calling her a crackhead to Roman saying Lozada isn’t blameless in her domestic dispute with her ex-husband with Chad Ochocinco.

Everything came to a head at the reunion where Roman apologized, but Lozada wasn’t having it. The two engulfed into a heated verbal altercation before Roman got up from her chair and decided to exit stage left.

Tami Roman

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 04: Red carpet host Tami Roman attends BET’s “American Soul” Los Angeles Premiere on February 04, 2019 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET )

Since Roman’s departure from the reunion, there have been rumors going around saying she quit the show. However, in an interview with ET on Jan. 11, the mother of two addressed whether or not she would be returning to the VH1 series.

“You know, what? I actually loved doing Basketball Wives,” Roman said. “I think I’m at a place right now where it’s about protecting my energy and my space and my zen.”

She continued, “So even within the Basketball Wives world, if I go back, certain changes would have to be made for me to be comfortable in that environment. … But we’re still in talks. I don’t necessarily know if I’ll return, but we are talking about how everyone can be comfortable in that environment.”

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