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Tisha Campbell Flips Accusation on Estranged Husband Duane Martin, Says He Is the Bad Parent Not Her

Tisha Campbell has fired back at her estranged husband Duane Martin with new court documents that contravene his claim that she’s a bad parent.

Earlier this week, Martin filed his own court papers and said their two boys Ezekiel, 9, and Xen, 17, don’t do their homework in the actress’ care, because education isn’t important to her. Martin stated that because he graduated from New York University and Campbell doesn’t hold a college degree, she blows off their studies — unlike he does when the boys are with him.

Tisha Campbell says Duane Martin is an irresponsible parent to their two boys.


In Campbell’s response, the New Jersey native said she’s actually the responsible parent who takes care of her sons’ daily needs, as opposed to her soon-to-be ex-husband, who passes things on to his mother and brother.

Campbell also called the 53-year-old a lazy parent, and alleged that when they were together he often lounged on the sofa instead of spending time with Ezekiel and Xen.

And as far as the charge that she ignores the boys’ education, the actress stated she’s been unable to get a tutor because the divorce has her cash-strapped at the moment.

All of this comes almost two weeks after Campbell said Martin physically abused her since the start of their marriage in 1996, which she hid from her family. For example, she claimed that Martin choked her and slammed her into a wall one Easter Sunday.

In the newly filed papers, Campbell noted that Martin didn’t deny the abuse claims, which he didn’t.

She also addressed his concerns about meeting at a police station to exchange the boys, which Martin believes isn’t good for them. He wants the location changed, but Campbell said meeting there is necessary because she’s fearful.

Plus, People magazine reports the former child actress is seeking spousal support from Martin and said he earns $62,000 a month, compared to her $7,000 a month. Campbell stated that she has $1.5 million in assets but doesn’t have any steady income flowing in.

Martin has also asked for spousal support.

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