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The Game Unleashes on Tomi Lahren For Making Fun of 21 Savage: ‘You’re Starting to Look Like a Sick Tangerine’

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren seems to be the hip-hop community’s archenemy, especially since she made fun of 21 Savage being arrested by ICE this past Sunday.

Cardi B threatened to dog walk her for the remark, which is the second time she made the threat. Wale got at Lahren too, as did Nicki Minaj, and now The Game is having a go at her.

The Game ripped Tomi Lahren for making fun of 21 Savage being arrested by ICE.


On the same day he was arrested, Lahren used some of Savage’s lyrics from his song “Bank Account” to make fun of him.

“I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ICE agents ready to deport ya,” she tweeted. It’s the second that time Lahren got a lot of attention for referencing the lyrics.

The Game’s response to Lahren came in three rounds, and in the first he let off a series of scathing disses.

“This c-m gargling, microwaved carrot skinned, 90 year old white man body havin slut @tomilahren always got sumn slick to say,” he wrote on Tuesday. “@21 savage gettin detained by ICE is not funny nor anything for ya middle of the mall clip in wearin’ hoe ass to be joking about. You the same dumb broad that was singin the lyrics to his song not long ago, now using his situation & the culture deep down you love so much for content on ya bum ass twitter page etc.”

He then brought up something Lahren told Minaj about her ancestors during their back-and-forth.

“Then ya dumb bird ass gone say ‘your ancestors’ discovered America ?!?!?” Game wrote. “Obviously all that Black athlete s—-n you swallowed at UNLV is starting to seep into that cracked skull of yours. Here’s some advice: stay out the tanning salon, you’re starting to look like a sick tangerine.”

In round two of the disses, which came on Wednesday, Game said he found a photo of Lahren before she received plastic surgery. “And we gone need ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ to track down them eyebrows,” he joked.

He next claimed Lahren had the plastic surgery photo removed, then round three commenced.

“You’re still a dusty orange peel,” he wrote Wednesday on Instagram Stories. “#Free21.”

Surely, hip-hop folk aren’t the only one Lahren likes to troll, Democrats and liberals are typically in her scope as well.

“Hey @KamalaHarris given that you’re so vocal about the #MeToo movement, what are your thoughts on sleeping your way to the top of your political career? I’ll wait,” she wrote about Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Jan. 30.

“Someone is looking to get dog walked,” someone responded, using Cardi’s threat.

Lahren hasn’t responded to that person, nor The Game.

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