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Mo’Nique Laughingly Dispels Rumors of Confrontation With Steve Harvey as Wildly Embellished

Nearly one week after rumors erupted that Mo’Nique almost came to blows with her pal of 25 years Steve Harvey, the new Las Vegas residency headliner is explaining what really occurred.

On the Feb. 6 edition of “Mo’Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship,” Mo’Nique said that her and Harvey’s “very real and honest conversation” probably took some people “off guard” because “they were seeing a brother and sister really talk.”

Days earlier, the Jasmine Brand cited a source who alleged Mo’Nique and Harvey’s conversation about the former referring to Whoopi Goldberg as “the help” turned ugly. The insider claimed things got so tense that “She threatened to hit Steve in the face. He told her [if] she hit him, her husband would have to come out and square off.”

But on Wednesday, Mo’Nique explained the interaction wasn’t what the report, which said the clash was filmed, made it out to be.

“My brother got to talkin’ up on me, I got to talkin’ up on him back,” the actress explains, noting she’s always lovingly threatened to push, kick or shove him. “He said, ‘Mo, I ain’t gon’ sit here and argue with you.’ I said, ‘We not arguing, we are brother and sister talking and Mommy and Daddy just happen not to be here and you keep talkin’.

“And I did not tell that man I was going to slap him,” she added. “I said, ‘I’m going to punch you in your mouth!’ I ain’t no slap, b—, I’m a punch! … That is how me and Steve Harvey has always gotten down. Always.”

Mo’Nique explained that when she touched down in Las Vegas from filming “Steve” in Los Angeles, an uproar occurred. Reports claimed even her husband, Sidney Hicks, who was across the country in Atlanta while his wife was in California, was going to step up to square off against Harvey.

“It got so big and so crazy that when me and Steve talked, we both bust out laughing,” Mo’Nique says. “He said, ‘Mo, they got you slapping me all in my face, and what they don’t know about you, Mo, you’ll bang a n—a, you ain’t slappin’!'”

Mo’Nique added that she continued to laugh at the comments she was inundated with on her Instagram page “before anybody knew what was happening.”

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