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K. Michelle Knocks Out Fans With Natural, Non-Glam Look

R&B artist K. Michelle‘s bare-beauty look is leaving her almost unrecognizable.

The “I Just Can’t Do This” singer mentioned in the past that she’s not a big fan of makeup and actually prefers sporting her bare face. K. Michelle recently took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself in her natural essence. She appeared to have on no makeup and her red hair was pulled back in a high bun, showcasing her natural beauty.

K. Michelle went for casual attire, wearing gray sweatpants and a matching T-shirt that read “Blessed.” She appeared to be at home and making her way to the music studio.

“Good Morning Beautiful People🌻,” she wrote in her caption on Feb. 6. She added, “I stay high to fight my lows🌻 #studioday Love my hair.”

K. Michelle

(photo: @kmichellemusic)

In her comments, fans said they were so used to seeing the 33-year-old with makeup that it was unusual to see her without any. However, fans still gawked over how naturally beautiful she looked with a bare face.

“I like the fact that you don’t look like you but you’re still stunning here ..both of you is 😍😍 #boffum,” an Instagram user commented.

“First off biiiih idk that was u lol I’m looking like hopo who dat gurl🧐lol,” a second fan wrote. “You look beautiful with no makeup 😍.”

“You looked different in this pic..😂😍 don’t even look like herself but she’s still naturally beautiful 😍.”

K. Michelle often presents herself dolled up with glammed hairstyles and makeup looks, but she’d prefer to sport a bare face any day of the week.

After receiving a wave of backlash in 2017 from fans who accused her of skin bleaching, Michelle expressed her inclination to wear a makeup-free face.

K. Michelle

(photo: K. Michelle’s Instagram)

“If you know me you know I hate getting in glam. I hate wearing any makeup since I’ve found comfort in NOT wearing it,” K. Michelle stated in an Instagram post.

She also addressed the skin-lightening accusations by revealing that she suffers from a skin condition.

“Having skin Rosacea is something that can truly make you self conscious,” the singer added. “Big red patches on my face as hateful people continue to make my skin a joke! I just said F*CK it. No makeup let me skin heal. Only makeup for appearances!”

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