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Future Speaks Up When He Sees Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori Out with Trey Songz, Fans Think They Hear a Kiss-and-Tell

It seems Future might be hinting that he had a thing going with Lori Harvey once upon a time.

The rapper appeared to address photos that surfaced of Harvey out and about with singer Trey Songz recently.

“You ducked too late. I see you,” the rapper says on Dec. 19. “I like that. It’s cute. Cute, keep it up.”

Harvey, who was previously engaged to marry soccer star Memphis Depay, was seen with the “Na Na” singer at a jewelry store in Beverly Hills. Once the duo got into a car, she ducked and hid under her hoodie to avoid paparazzi, but they’d already gotten shots of the pair.

Meanwhile, commenters have been making their thoughts known on the situation with Steve Harvey’s daughter, and they varied widely.

“I don’t kiss and tell. Period.”

“They could be just friends but ppl are gonna assume that they’re intimate.”

“Whew chile, why do women still mess with this man?? He’s so damn messy Lordt.”

“Future is talking like he a faithful man.”

“Steve where is that book u been selling, I think your step daughter needs it ASAP.”

“Lori must not have read her daddy’s book. Steve teaches women how to avoid a Future.”

“I guess there are some women who future didn’t get pregnant after being w/, who knew 🤷🏾‍♀️”

“@nytius exactly, that’s his way of letting it be known that a female belongs to him!!!! I think he’s tryna get 10 bc I heard once you have 10, u don’t have to pay child support!! 😂😂😂”

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