‘His Dad’s an Asshole’: LHHMIA Fans Slam Spectacular’s Father for Having ‘No Remorse’ for His Feelings After Breaking Down In Tears


Love and Hip Hop: Miami” viewers witnessed one of the franchises most emotional scenes between a son and father.

On the Feb. 4 episode of “LHHMIA”, Spectacular Smith, the rapper from group Pretty Ricky tried having a heart-to-heart conversation with his father Joseph “Big Blue” Smith who didn’t seem receptive to his son’s emotions at all.

The Pretty Ricky rapper told viewers that he’s never had a close relationship with his father growing up. He felt his dad was always too “hard” on him and his siblings growing up. To make matters worst, Spectacular also claimed his father was the reason Pretty Ricky broke up. Big Blue managed the popular boy group at the time of their success in the ‘2000s, but Spec claimed his father stole a large sum of money from them. Spec, his brother Blue and their other two group-mates seemingly voted to have his father fired as their manager.

Spectacular Smith
photo credit VH1 screenshot
(L) Spectactular Smith and (R) Joseph Big Blue Smith

However, in last night’s episode Spectacular and his father met up at what appeared to be a pool lounge to hash out their differences, but it took an ugly turn for the worst. Spectacular told his father that he felt their relationship was always about money and nothing else.

Big Blue crassly responded to his son by saying, ” I ain’t never gone be your daddy, you a sorry a– nigga.” He continued, ” Cut the daddy s–t out ’cause you ain’t earn it.”

Spectacular appeared to be shocked and disappointed in his father’s words. Before responding back, the rapper broke down in tears and told Big Blue, “I just said I want a dad bro. I’m not trying to be fighting with you all the time.”

Big Blue told his son to “stop the crying s–t” while just looking at tears fall down Spectacular’s face.

Fans were confused as to why Big Blue didn’t acknowledge Spectacular’s feelings or at least apologize.

“His dad’s an asshole,” one LHHMIA viewer wrote. “All he wanted in the end was for his dad to hold him & NOT feel ashamed about itπŸ’”. This made me so angry, Break the cycle!”

Another fan added, “The father shows no emotion whatsoever when he sees his son in tears. Sad. His daddy ain’t s–t I’m sorry .”

One Instagram user commented, “His dad is an asshole. He could’ve hugged his son. I would consider him dead, dead and dead.πŸ™Œ creep looking D%#@ for lack of better words.”

Towards the end of the scene Spectacular and his father ended up hugging and seemingly putting their differences to the side. There’s no word on the current status of their relationship.

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