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A$AP Rocky Shows Off the Bras That Were Thrown at Him During a Show But Some Say It’s Staged

A$AP Rocky is currently on his “Injured Generation” tour that’s traveling across the United States. Since it began, he’s been sharing a lot of photos and footage from the tour, and it looks like he and the fans are having a splendid time.

There’s a couple of photos, as well as videos of the Harlem rapper, holding a bunch of braziers that were supposedly thrown on stage from female fans. Historically, in music realms at least, women have thrown bras on stage to show adoration or to express other feelings.

A$AP Rocky posted a photo of the bras women supposedly threw at him during a show, and people said it was staged.


In one clip that was taken at a show in Grand Prairie, Texas on Jan. 27, you can see Rocky standing in front of the stage holding over a dozen braziers of various colors, while both men and women scream how much they love him.

Then in a still photo from that same show, Rocky is seen smiling and sticking out his tongue, as he holds the bras to the camera. “Thanks ladies,” he wrote next to it.

After the footage and pictures surfaced online, some believed they were staged and the bras weren’t’ really thrown by adoring female fans.

“Paid for by the K’s. A public stunt please,” one person wrote, who seemed to reference the Kardashians. That’s because Rocky has been linked to sister Kendall Jenner in the past.

But others quickly shot down the allegation that the photos were staged, including one woman who said Rocky was holding her bra.

“And A$AP Rocky had my f—–‘ bra,” tweeted Val on Jan. 27.

“How we know it’s yours?” one person asked.

“He picked it up when I threw it,” she replied.”

“Which one was it?” another person wanted to know.

“The nude one,” answered Val.

Meanwhile, Rocky, who’s often talked about his fondness of marijuana and tripping on psychedelic drugs like LSD, said he’s been clean and sober for the entire tour and will remain so for all of 2019.

“I’m also trying to cut out all the sugars and shit,” he told GQ earlier this month. “When I turned 30, my metabolism sloooowed way down. And on top of that, the weed was just having me f—ed up, bro, honestly. But Imma get back on it. You gotta focus for a minute.”

The “Injured Generation Tour” began on Jan. 8 in Minneapolis, Minn. and will conclude on Feb. 6 in Kent, Wash. You can see a video of Rocky holding the bras below.


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