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Waka Flocka Threatens Reporter After He Disrespects Wife Tammy Rivera: ‘I’m About To Throw You Out This Tent’

Waka Flocka Flame and his wife Tammy Rivera are on the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition,” and when the subject of the rapper’s past infidelities came up things quickly went South.

It all went down on the Jan. 31 episode inside of a huge tent where a Q&A was taking place, and a reporter asked Tammy “How much infidelity can you really put up with?”

Waka Flocka Flame threatened a reporter who asked his wife Tammy Rivera about infidelity.


As soon as Tammy was about to answer, the “Hard In Da Paint” rapper stopped her, and it was evident that he felt a major line was crossed.

“Hell naw, he playing,” Waka told his wife, before he directed his words at the reporter.

“Boy, don’t ever in your life,” barked the rapper. “I don’t give a f–k. Don’t talk to me like that. We ain’t even finna play them games.”

The guy continued, seemingly in defiance and told Waka that his “Entire relationship is infidelity.”

That of course didn’t calm the 6’3″ rhymer down, it only riled him up even more. “Listen, my man, I’m about to throw you out the tent. I swear to god. I’m dead-ass serious. This ain’t no act,” Waka told the guy.

The couple has opened up about Waka’s cheating in the past, and in a 2014 interview with VH1 Tammy said on a scale of 1-10 her husband’s level of unfaithfulness was a 20.

“He was off the chain when I first met him, and I didn’t know it,” she explained. “Once I found out the sh– he was doing, you couldn’t pay me to believe that was the man I was in love with, because he never showed me that side.”

But Tammy also said the rapper changed over time and not because she forced him to, but because it was something he wanted for himself.

And during another interview in Nov. 2018, Tammy admitted she was unfaithful to Walka, but her affair was emotional, not sexual and it happened before they were married.

“Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition” airs on Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. EST, and you see Waka’s exchange with the reporter below.

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