Fans Go Nuts for Joseline Hernandez’s Dramatic New Look


Ex-VH1 reality star Joseline Hernandez from the popular series “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” completely switched up her look.

The 32-year-old mother is known for her overly sexy attire and waist-length tresses. However, it appears that Hernandez has traded in her long-haired don’t-care ‘do for something more simple and sleek.

The reality star uploaded a chain of photos this week to her Instagram showing off her new short hairdo and less-revealing garments. In one of the photos, Hernandez appears to be sitting inside a high-end restaurant with a glass of champagne in front of her as her eyes meet the camera.

Joseline Hernandez
photo courtesy @joseline

She wore a crisscross blouse that revealed a smidgen of her cleavage underneath a gray-plaid blazer. Her hair was sleeked back in a short wet look with her sides tapered. She wrote in her caption, ” Jugando Ajedrez ♟,” which means “playing chess” in English.

In another photo, Hernandez is sitting outside in front of her “pool bathroom.” This time, she paired her short haircut with a bold red lippie and glam makeup look. She also sported a multi-colored long-sleeve chiffon blouse with a black tie.

Joseline Hernandez
photo courtesy @joseline

Fans of the “Puerto Rican Princess” went bananas over her newfound look and “chic” black haircut.

“Favorite hair look on you!!!! 😩,” a fan commented. “It’s edgy and chic! This style is cute.”

Another added, “I love when you dress appropriately lol especially how you dressed on the real beautiful lady! I can’t think of anybody who looks better lol and I love the short hair 😍😍 on you is beautiful you can see your natural beauty.”

“Is it me or does Joseline look professional and classy?” a fan asked. “Sexy short hair! Fits you beautifully Boriqua!😍.”

Hernandez considers herself quite the fashionista and even got into a mini-spat with the Kardashians and Jenners after accusing them of stealing her fashion style.

During a 2017 segment of “The Real” which the 32-year-old co-hosted, she blasted Kylie Jenner as copying her style after a blog posted a side-by-side photo of them both wearing Purple Balenciaga spandex thigh-high boots that retail at $1,395. Hernandez was offended by the comparison and seemingly threw shade the 21-year-old’s way.

(L) Kylie Jenner and (R) Joseline Hernandez

“Well first of all, I’m her mama. She’s my daughter, OK?” Hernandez shadily said. “She copies me, Kim [Kardashian] copies me — all of them copy me. I’m going to tell you where real street style comes from — the real street style comes from the streets. The girls like me. The girls that [are] fly. The girls that don’t have that much money to be able to afford $2,000 boots.”

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