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‘LHHNY’ Viewers Blame Mariah Lynn for Explosive Fight With Nya Lee: ‘You Started It!’

Love and Hip Hop: New York” stars Mariah Lynn and Nya Lee‘s heated confrontation left fans blaming one and defending the other.

During the Jan. 28 episode, Lynn and Lee came close to exchanging physical blows before security quickly intervened. The feud began shortly after Lynn brought up her cast mate Yandy Smith‘s desire to become a foster mother. She expressed the idea to Jonathan Fernandez and Lee, both friends of Smith, that she believed the soon-to-be foster mother was just doing it for publicity and questioned whether her intentions were genuine. Lynn said the subject was sensitive for her because she too was a part of the foster system when she was a child.

Fernandez felt uncomfortable with Lynn criticizing Smith, because she wasn’t there to defend herself and she’s one of his closest friends. He told Lynn he didn’t think it was right for her to be talking about Smith behind her back, and Lynn became slightly offended. She felt Fernandez was taking Smith’s side and not hers.

To make matters worse, Nya Lee seemingly cracked a joke while Fernandez and Lynn were going back and forth by saying that only Lee and “Yandy’s friendship matters to Jonathan.”

Lynn felt slighted by Lee’s comments and was upset that Fernandez wasn’t defending her. She decided walk away from her cast mates, but she didn’t get far before Lee let out a “whew, chile.”

Mariah Lynn

Mariah Lynn (left) and Nya Lee. (Photos: VH1 screenshots)

Lynn turned back around after feeling like Lee was “coming” for her and confronted the rap diva on her remarks. Their argument quickly escalated after Lee stood up and leaped toward Lynn before being restrained by security. The two continued shouting threats at each other as security separated them.

“LHHNY” fans slammed Lynn for taking Lee’s comment too personally and indicated that she was the one who started their fight.

One person tweeted, “#NyaLee just became my favorite person 👏🏽. She should’ve knocked Mariah teeth out for starting s–t with her.”

Another viewer commented, “You STARTED IT MARIAH! You started with it with her. You did this MARIAH. ‘Whew chile’ is a phrase not someone calling you an actually child Mariah 🙄.”

A third fan added, “You can’t act hard and then be offended by a mere ‘whew child’. That wasn’t worthy of a return to the table.”

One “LHHNY” viewer defended Lynn and suggested that Lee was wrong.

“Nya made it into a big deal so I get why Mariah was mad, but they both wrong in my eyes 😑😒.”

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