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DMX Spotted With Fiancée and Son In First Prison Release Photo

DMX’s latest prison stint is now behind him.

The rapper was released from West Virginia’s Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution on Friday (Jan. 25), TMZ reports.

DMX has been freed from prison.


On January 18 he started a one year prison sentence after being convicted of parole violation by failing a drug test, just two months after he pled guilty to tax fraud. At the time of the failed test, both Oxycodone and Cocaine were found in the rapper’s system.

According to Vulture, X was supposed to be released on Jan. 27 but if a federal prisoner’s release date falls on the weekend, he or she could be released early, which the rapper benefited from.

A photo of a free DMX surfaced shortly after his release, which showed him with his fiancée Desiree and their son Exodus attending an eatery, but no word on where the restaurant was located.

Now, the rapper has to pay the federal government $2.3 million for the tax fraud charge and attend an outpatient drug program, where he’ll also receive mental health treatment.

X is one of the latest rappers to get himself in hot water over taxes. Others include Lauryn Hill, who pled guilty to tax evasion in 2012 and spent three months in prison.

And in 2010, Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man pled guilty to tax evasion after being accused of not paying incoming taxes from 2004-2007. At the time, he owed $106,000 in restitution but paid it off in that same year.

Fat Joe, Beanie Sigel, Lil’ Kim are just some of the other rapper’s who’ve gotten into hot water with Uncle Sam over tax illegalities.

As for DMX, prosecutors said he went out of his way to hide much of his income, which was said to be in the millions.

“In total, during that time period, Simmons engaged in a scheme to conceal millions of dollars of income from the IRS to avoid paying $1.7 million in tax liabilities,” they said.

Reportedly, X is trying to jump start his career and is eyeing a new movie, plus working on an album.

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