Fan Defends Phaedra Parks Against Those Calling Out Her Dating Preferences

Phaedra Parks is continuing to bask in the love she shares with her Chicago radio and TV personality beau. But some have been questioning the apparent type she has.

Parks has been public with Tone Kapone since New Year’s Eve and the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has since faced her fair share of criticism.

phaedra parks


On Jan. 23, Parks uploaded a set of pics with her man and some took notice of her preference for light-skinned men. It won the praise of several and drew criticism from others.

“You and your light skins lol.”

“Yyyeessss @phaedraparks he’s cute! You love some light skin!”

“Sis keep her a light skinned! Gon girl!❤️”

“Ok, so I guess you haven’t received the memo …. light skinned dudes are old news…. you better get you some chocolate…”

“This pic looks as fake as she is. What with her and light-skinned dudes?”

“😍 didn’t she learn light skinned men are the devil 😂”

But one fan stepped up to dismiss the comments, letting others know Parks can date whomever she pleases.

“I’m confused on why you are bothered by her preference in men, as if you’re f—ing him? I only date dark skinned men, that means what? Chill tf out, always being bitter,” user @iamrichlush said.

It got some form of a backing from Parks herself who replied with three emoji: “😩😂😩”

Phaedra Parks

Just last week, fans accused Parks of chasing an “Apollo type,” referencing her ex-husband Apollo Nida.

phaedra parks

ATLANTA – NOVEMBER 22: Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

“Phaedra parks prefer guys like this dude there, first Apollo and now Tone, am not feeling it, wish her all the best finally JESUS has fix it.”

“It’s ok Phaedra it’s just going to play dumb like she did in her last relationship with Apollo when she said I didn’t know he was doing all this fraudulent stuff and all of this cheating .. well let’s see how long does it takes for it to be true 💅💅💅”


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