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Eve Backtracks After Slamming Chris Brown on Rape Accusation

When Chris Brown was arrested on rape and drug charges in Paris, France, on Monday, Jan. 21, celebrities like Joyner Lucas and T.I. came to his defense.

Tip even implied there’s a conspiracy to take Brown down because he recently signed a new deal with his label RCA Records that made him one of the youngest people to own his own masters.

The singer has since been released, and all charges have been dropped. He’s also still in Paris, and on Friday, Jan. 25, he posted a photo of himself in front of the Eiffel Tower.

But not all of Brown’s fellow artists spoke up for him when the charges first dropped.  Tuesday, Jan. 22, on her show “The Talk,” co-host Eve took the singer to task over the arrest. This was before the news of Brown’s release surfaced.

“This is really a shame,” said Eve at the table with her co-host looking on. “Obviously, we all know he had trouble in the past. It’s like when are you going to stop and grow up and allow the talent to shine through and fix your brain? This is ridiculous. I’d like to hope that these allegations aren’t true.”

“At the end of the day, times have changed,” she added. “If you guys don’t know that yet, whether in America or overseas, get your act together. Like, you can’t be treating women how you want to treat them in any kind of way just because you think you’re a superstar.”

Eve was alluding to the fact that Brown has been in a good deal of legal trouble for much of his career, and the biggest charge came on Feb. 7, 2009, when he assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna after they left a Grammy party. Brown pleaded guilty to one count of assault with the intent of doing great bodily injury as part of a plea deal.

But regardless of his past, a lot of people blasted Eve for her words on the singer since a lot was still unknown about the alleged incident.

Let’s see if she can fix her brain to apologize and not pass judgment until the full truth comes out,” one person wrote on Wednesday.

On Thursday Eve posted a video to her Instagram page and apologized for her words. She also explained why she became upset.

“At first I didn’t think what I said was harsh, but I looked back at it and it was kind of harsh,” Eve stated. “But it was only harsh because I’m passionate about the state of the climate were’ in right now with women and all these allegations that are coming out.”

“My passion wasn’t geared towards Chris Brown and these specific allegations,” she added.”It’s just that we were talking about him, and I think I got upset about all the other feelings that I’ve been feeling about this whole climate.”

You can see Eve’s full statement below.


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