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Hot Tip: T.I. Insinuates Chris Brown’s Rape Charge Is Part of a Conspiracy

As previously reported, Chris Brown was arrested this week in France on rape and narcotics charges, and T.I. implies that Brown is the victim of a conspiracy.

A woman said she met the R&B singer in mid-January at club Le Crystal in Paris and then went back to his room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where she said the rape happened. Brown is now in police custody, and in two days French prosecutors will decide whether to release him or if he’ll face a judge.

T.I. believes Chris Brown's rape charge has to do with a conspiracy.


From there, the judge will determine if the singer will remain in custody until trial or be released with “obligations,” meaning he would be free but would have to remain in Paris until the actual trial.

But according to T.I., the timing of all this seems strange, because earlier this month it was announced that Brown renegotiated a deal with his longtime label RCA, making him one of the youngest artists ever to own his own master recordings.

The deal has been called historic, plus it gives Brown more industry muscle, and Tip believes it’s no coincidence that rape charges now exist.

On Tuesday, the rapper posted a headline of the RCA deal, then in the caption wrote “First this, then rape?” The comments came pouring in afterwards, and people were mixed on whether the singer was set up or not.

“They always trying to catch a brother up,” one person wrote.

“They did Michael Jackson the same way,” wrote another.

But others blasted those people for sticking up for the R&B star before all the facts were in and said being Black or famous shouldn’t keep folks from making snap decisions about a conspiracy being formed.

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