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Are Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss Secretly In Cahoots with Each Other? Trina Braxton Thinks So

While it seems as if Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss are at odds with one another in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, Braxton’s older sister Trina Braxton believes that may just be part of her sibling’s strategy.

Speaking with “ET Live” Thursday, Jan. 24, Trina admitted that despite Tamar’s differences with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Tamar might be using that to her advantage for the sake of the competition.

“As a strategic person, I think it would really make sense for Tamar and Kandi to make it seem like they are not in cahoots with each other and to seem like it’s a problem with the two of them and then in the background to really be working together,” she says.

Trina was also asked to dive into the history of Burruss’ and Tamar’s spat, which they’ve spoken about on CBB.

When Braxton and singer Monica joined Xscape on tour for a New Year’s Eve performance in Atlanta a year ago, Braxton elected to invite Ts Madison and Khia on stage with her.

“I think that just had a bad taste in the mouth of everyone from Xscape because Ts Madison, they said some negative and derogatory things about Xscape,” Trina says. “But that wasn’t Tamar’s stance. She just wanted a great show … but it just didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to.”

Madison and Khia, who co-hosted “The Queens Court” podcast, were told to leave by security and they left the venue as a result.

But it’s not just that incident that blew Tamar’s relationship with Burruss to shreds.

“She also got upset once before then when she was no longer a part of the talk show she was a part of,” Burruss explained in a confessional scene on Tuesday’s episode, mentioning Braxton’s firing from “The Real.” “A few of [the Xscape members] that are friends with her, we were all invited at different times to be guests on the show. And when we became guests on the show, she got upset with us and unfollowed all of us on social media.”


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