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Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton Fake the Funk for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ After Having Epic Dust-Up in 2017

Season 2 of “Celebrity Big Brother” debuted Monday night, and fans quickly discovered that just because Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton know one another doesn’t mean they were exactly pleased to see each other.

Braxton may have extended an olive branch by picking Burruss to be her partner in the first challenge of the season, but the two still are at odds.

For the uninitiated, each of the singers sat down to explain why in a confessional segment from the CBS reality series.

Burruss joined her group Xscape, which was on tour with Braxton and Monica as opening acts. As part of “The Great Xscape” tour, the ladies were set to perform in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve in 2017. During the show, Braxton invited rapper Khia and entertainer Ts Madison to come onstage with her.

“Everybody, of course, was letting special guests come in that night,” Burruss says. “And [Tamar] invited someone to come onstage who had basically said a lot of negative things about myself and some other members of our group and also people that we are close to.”

Khia and Madison, who fronted the podcast “The Queens Court,” had been at odds with Reginae Carter and her mom and Burruss’ pal, Toya Wright, who fell out with Braxton after previously being friends. Madison took to Facebook last year to say she and Khia were forced out by Xscape security.

“I’m assuming xscspe girls wanted us gone and WE DIDNT LEAVE SO THEY CONTINUED TO PRESS DOWN ON TAMAR SO SHE COULD NOT DO THE PERFORMANCE WITH US. So [her then manager and estranged husband Vince Herbert] asked us if we wanted to stay and watch the show and We said No….. we not here for them hoes we here for Tamar and we left in our limousine that was taken care of by Tamar and Vince,” Madison said.

“She also got upset once before then when she was no longer a part of the talk show she was a part of,” Burruss added in her confessional. “A few of [the Xscape members] that are friends with her, we were all invited at different times to be guests on the show. And when we became guests on the show, she got upset with us and unfollowed all of us on social media.”

Burruss is referring to Braxton’s short-lived stint on the daytime talk show “The Real,” where she got the boot in 2016.

But Braxton said there has never been any camaraderie between the two.

“She ain’t never really liked me like that,” the star says, adding that while they know each other, they’ve never visited each other’s homes or had their kids playing together.

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