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‘LHHMIA’: Trina Takes Assistant Kelly’s Knife Out of Her Back, Cuts Him Off at Knees

Trina lit social media on fire after she went full savage on her assistant Alvin Kelly during Wednesday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami.”

Trina definitely reached her limit with everyone on her team after feeling like they’ve been slacking in the work department. In the past few episodes of the VH1 series, viewers saw Trina forced to pause work on her joint album with rapper Trick Daddy after growing frustrated with his procrastination. She decided to focus on her own music instead and work on creating new singles. Only one issue: Trina felt her business team was nowhere to be found.


Trina and Alvin Kelly (Photos: VH1 screenshots)

The “Baddest B-ch” also learned some interesting news after meeting with her business partner Elle for an upcoming sunglasses line. Elle revealed to Trina that her assistant Kelly approached her wanting to create his own fashion line. Kelly also lied to Elle by telling her that he was Trina’s creative director, not assistant.

Trina was infuriated and decided to meet with Kelly and two other members of her business team. Within a matter of seconds the Miami native unleashed on all three members of her team and crucified them for not pulling their weight. She still appears to be upset that the “TNT” album with Trick hasn’t been finished despite a slew of fans pre-ordering it two years ago.

After calling everyone out on their “s–t,” the rap star directed her anger back to Kelly by telling him he “needs an assistant.” She also put him on the spot for going behind her back and trying to conduct a fashion deal with Elle while lying about his position.

“I don’t give a f–k if it’s on the line or not, your deal with Elle will not go through,” Trina said to Kelly before going from 0 to 100. “Why would you do a business deal with my business partner! Nobody know you! … You’ve been running behind my back like a got-damn groupie!”

Kelly fired back by saying he’s going to “do the deal regardless” moments before Trina yelled, “Get out, you’re fired!”

Trina’s ferocious tirade sent “LHHMIA” fans into overdrive.

“Trina is laying these hoes on her team out…. out damn time 😂.”

“Yesssss gtfo on him Trina.. then gone have tha nerves to say ‘I’ll see u at tha top’😂.”

“Whew Chile! lol I need to call Trina to get advice on how to cuss people out🤣 she do it the right way.”

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Did Alvin deserve to get fired? #LHHMIA

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